Telegram分享群组:Tabika Kemas is a success story, says Ismail Sabri

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Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob says the government had provided RM140 million in food aid, which will impact Tabika Kemas pupils. – The Malaysian Insight file pic, August 20, 2022.

TABIKA Kemas is one of the government’s success stories, Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob said in his Bera constituency today.

According to Ismail, this was the reason why the government always supports the development of Tabika Kemas education to ensure that children learn in a comfortable environment.

“Kemas is one of the government’s success stories. Many of those who are successful today, (including) leaders from rural areas, received their early education at Tabika Kemas,” he said today.


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Ismail said the government had provided RM140 million for the supplemental food assistance programme this year, which would benefit more than 225,000 Tabika Kemas pupils and nearly 10,000 Taska Kemas (nursery) children nationwide.

The Bera MP said Pahang Kemas as a whole received RM2.36 million for skills, community development and early childhood education.

Meanwhile, he said four Tabika Kemas premises in Bera – which were affected by the floods earlier this year – had been repaired and the government was studying the proposal to build a Bera Community Activity Centre and upgrade the Kemas Community Centre.

The proposal will be implemented under the third rolling plan next year, he added. – Bernama, August 20, 2022.

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